Paper free

At #aesla2019valladolid we are very concerned with proper care for the environment. As such, between the 27th and 29th of March, 2019, during the course of the conference in Valladolid, we will attempt to reduce the use of paper with the goal of slowing down the deterioration of the environment.


With this objective in mind, #aesla2019valladolid will be a conference committed to the effective reduction of waste products; we will thus refrain from providing the usual paraphernalia generally associated with such conferences that tend to pile up on our shelves. All conference-related information (academic program, city information, social program, etc.) will be available on the conference website as well as on the USB drive provided to you at the time of registration and on the screens and digital totems courtesy of our technology partner Media Markt Business.


We would recommend that participants bring their smartphone, tablet, or laptop in order to more comfortably access any conference-related information as well as to receive updates on conference proceedings via the conference’s social media presence.


With respect to certificates of attendance and participation, each presenter will receive such a certificate at the end of the conference at the e-mail address with which that presenter registered on the conference website. Should a physical copy be required in particular cases it can be made available. In this case, we would ask that you communicate this request to us beforehand such that we may avoid the need for envelopes and postage.


Go green, use your screen!