The 37th  International Conference of the Spanish Society for Applied Linguistics (AESLA) will be held next 27-29 March 2019 at the Palacio Conde Ansúrez in Valladolid (Spain).

It is organized by scholars and researchers from the departments of English, of French and German, of Spanish and of the Didactics of Language and Literature from the University of Valladolid. It is coordinated by the UVALAL (University of Valladolid Language Acquisiton Lab) research group.

The theme for the AESLA 2019 conference is Bilingualism and languages in contact. This year’s edition intends to address the study of bilingualism in its different dimensions and through the use of multiple methodologies and formal accounts as used by researchers in the field.

We target the linguistic phenomena that emerge when more than one language interact in the mind of bilingual speakers with different linguistic profiles and how this evolves during their life span.