The submission and revision procedure for the publication of works presented at AESLA 2019 starts April 9.

All manuscripts must correspond to works presented at AESLA 2019 in any of the three possible categories of proposals (individual papers, posters and round tables).

The language chosen by the author both for the submission of the abstract and for the presentation delivered at the conference will be strictly maintained for the submission of the manuscript for publication in the conference proceedings.

All manuscripts that successfully pass the double-blind review process will be published in the following online open access journals: e-AESLA for works written in Spanish and Languages for works written in English.

The submission and revision procedures are different depending on whether the manuscript is written in English or in Spanish. It is imperative that directions are followed accordingly.

Regardless of the language, all manuscripts must be:

  • no longer than 4000 words in length (including references and appendices)
  • submitted in Word format and following the corresponding template
  • anonymized

Important dates:

  • 9 April – 15 May: manuscript submission
  • 15 May – 15 July: review process and submission of revised version of manuscripts